SEO Tips How to Quick Index Blogger or Blogspot on Google

If you are worried about your content or post is not getting index by Google, you may need to read this post. This post will guide you How to Quick Index Blog or Post on Google.

One of the most vital process in building website is Search Engine Index. Indexed website will make your website visible to a lot of users around the world. Why it is so important? because search engine will makes your website having more viewers to visit your web page. The most popular Search Engine as we know is Google, with Google you can promote your content of the website to users who search certain keywords on Google Search Engine, and you website has chance to get clicked on search engine.

Most Common Tips to Quick Index Your Blog Post

Most biggest question is how to index our website into Google Search Engine? Below is the most common tips for website or blog is getting index by Search Engine.

  1. Make sure your blog is optimized for search engines. This includes setting up a sitemap, making sure your content has a unique meta title and description, and using relevant keywords.
  2. Promote your blog post on social media.
  3. Link blog posts from other his websites (backlinks).
  4. Create new content on a regular basis. Search engines love fresh content, so publishing new posts regularly helps them index your content quickly.
  5. And the last the MOST IMPORTANT to do, Submit your blog's URL to search engines. This can be done manually using Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.

If your website still does not have any Sitemaps. Please read this post before you continue following this tips : How to Make a Blogspot Sitemap Quickly Indexed

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free service provided by Google to helps website owners monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot their presence in Google search engine. It provides data and tools that help site owners understand how their content appears in search engine and identify potential problems. This service includes features such as:

  • Index Coverage:
    Check which pages are indexed by Google and troubleshoot crawled pages.
  • Performance:
    Monitor searches, clicks, and other metrics to understand how users interact with your content.
  • Mobile Usability:
    See how your content will look on mobile devices and identify potential issues. 
  • Security Issues:
    Check the website for potential security issues and malware.
  • Sitemap:
    Submit and manage your sitemap to ensure all important pages are indexed by Google.
  • Structured Data:
    Validate your structured data markup to ensure it's implemented properly.

How to Submit Your Website to Google Search Console?

  • Click Continue.
  • Verify that you are owner of the website by following Google Instruction.
  • Click "Verify" Button
  • Once your website is verified, click menu "Sitemaps" on GSC.
  • Enter sitemaps that you copied at step 2.
  • Hit "Submit" button

You are successfully registering your blog into Google Search Console, by submitting your sitemap on GSC, your sitemap will regulary crawled by Google Robot to scan new content / post that you make on the website / blog. Every post you make on the blog, Google Robot will crawl your latest post and determine when/where your blog will be indexed on search engine.

How to Manually Submit Post to Google Search Console?

Beside that, you can submit manually your latest post that you created on GSC for faster command Robot Google to crawl your new post. To do this you just need to :

  • Open Your Google Search Console.
  • Click on "URL Inspection" menu, and fill the text input with your new post URL.
  • Next, you just need to hit "Request Indexing"
  • Viola, then you can chill waiting Google to index your latest post.

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