Pokemon Scarlet and Violet : Tricks How to Catch Ditto

How do you catch a Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? 

There is simple tricks you need to know for catching Ditto Pokemon. Ditto is a pokemon that can shapeshift into other pokemon and will easily trick us from catch them. Ditto is a pokemon polymorphing creature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but there is a tricks to know which one is real pokemon and which one is Ditto shapeshifting into another pokemon.

Where to Catch Ditto in The Wild?

Ditto is pokemon that rarely seen in early game of playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Players have to discover North-West Map in Paldea Region. If you open the map, you can see Lake and Ice Land on the North Area, Players have to discover that area to catch Ditto. According on Pokedex details, Ditto is a pokemon that can be found in West Providence Area Two and Three of the Paldea Region near towns and cities on that land.

Thankfully Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has no random encounter in the wild, you can see every pokemon near you, so you do not need to worry about encountering unexpected pokemon. You can walk and see pokemon in the wild and if you walk into them or if the pokemon run into you, the battle with wild pokemon will be start.

How to Catch Ditto?

As we mentioned above, Ditto can shapeshift into any other pokemon in the wild, you cannot see the differences between real wild pokemon and wild Ditto disguised as another pokemon. Ditto can copy all the pokemon behaviors, curious, fear, and aggressiveness, it will make player harder to catch Ditto. But we have trick and cheat for you so Players can catch Ditto in one step. Even though Ditto is hard to notice, but Ditto has a weakness, Ditto does not run or show attention if we engage them, so it can be characteristic of Ditto shapeshift into other pokemon. Here the tricks for catching Ditto :


West Province Area Two (Porto Marinada)

  • Go to West Providence, Area Two or Three in Paldea Region
  • Approach every pokemon in the wild, if you can see Exlamation mark, or Question mark, or the pokemon encountering you, it is the Real Pokemon

    Real Pokemon with marks

  • Find until you got a pokemon that does not show any attention to you when you approaching this pokemon.
  • Start battle with this pokemon, and you can see Ditto when battle is started.
  • But remember Ditto will also shapeshift into your pokemon in the battle
  • Deal damage until Ditto has low health, and Viola! you can catch Pokemon Ditto.

Encounter Real Ditto pretending to be meowth

So that is the tricks for catching Ditto in the wild, there is another way to catch Ditto, it's Terra Raid Battle, you need to find Terra Raid Ditto Battle so you can find real Ditto more easy way, but harder to catch because it more stronger than in the wild.

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