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Connect your Porkbun domain to Blogspot Custom Domain is very easy steps within SINGLE CLICK. Blogger support custom domain, so you can build your own brand of your blog website.

Porkbun is a domain registrar and web hosting company. Porkbun is known for its competitive prices and customer-friendly approach, and it has received positive reviews for its services. It offers a range of services, including domain registration, web hosting, SSL certificates, etc. Cause Porkbun has competitive price many of blogspot users using this domain registrar to register their domain. 

Domains are used to identify and locate web pages on the internet. Each domain is unique, and it is registered to a specific owner who controls it. Domain is quite important to use for branding website, unique and easy to remember domain is most critical thing for blogspot. Once you got your domain, you need to connect your domain into your blogspot custom domain.

Blogger is allow users to make a custom domain instead using default blogger domain, instead of using, you can use your custom domain So users can remember your domain very easy and has no long subdomain to type on their browsers.

Porkbun also support customing domain to blogspot, their website has feature SINGLE CLICK action to connect your domain name into your blogspot, so you do not need to spend a time just for doing setting DNS for custom domain your blogspot. Here is the simple tricks how to connect your Porkbun domain into your blogspot custom domain within single click.

How to Setup Porkbun Domain for Blogger?

  1. Sign in to your Porkbun Account.
  2. Buy Porkbun Domain (if you do not have any).
  3. After you got some domain to connect, go to Domain Management page.
  4. Scroll down until you find your registered domain.
  5. Hit on Details, dropdown list features will appear once you click it.
  6. Click on "Edit" DNS RECORDS.

  7. Find section named Quick DNS Config, you can find Blogger button on it.
  8. Click Blogger Button.

  9. Alert will shows up, Click OK.
  10. Pop up will appear to input your Host and Answer

  11. Your Porkbun set up for custom domain is almost done, you need to follow next tutorial below.

How to Setup Porkbun Domain to Blogspot With Single Click?

  1. Open new tab and login to your Google Account.
  2. Open Blogger Dashboard.
  3. Click sidebar menu Settings.
  4. Find Publishing section, and hit Custom Domain

  5. Pop up will appear, insert your Porkbun Domain on the text field, make sure you write root domain with www as a prefix. (eg:
  6. Click Save.
  7. Next pop up will show you that blogspot cannot verify your domain.
  8. Copy Name and Destination value. (eg: Name: xxxxxxxxxxx, Destination:

  9. Back to your Porkbun tab
  10. Fill Host text field with Name value above from Blogger.
  11. Fill Answer field with Destination value.
  12. Once all filled, Click Submit button
  13. Back to your Blogger tab.
  14. And once again click Save button.

Now you are successfully connecting your blogspot into Porkbun domain, the rest you will need to wait several minutes/hours until Porkbun and Blogger setting up your DNS domain until it can be opened as your Custom Domain.

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