How to Use Wulan Voice Effect Filter in TikTok - Currently at the end of 2022, TikTok has amount of users using Wulan Voice Effect to change users original voice into female voice. Even if you are a male users, you can convert your voice into Wulan Voice.

This voice is predicted to be viral until 2023, because this voice is only supported for iPhone or iOS users. This TikTok filter does not need install third party app, it is just built in inside your TikTok App. 

Here is the example of the Wulan Voice Filter :

For iOS or iPhone users, you can use this Wulan Voice Effect at minimum version is 16.1.1. If you are using other version, perhaps you can use this Filter on difference layout or place. And for Android users need to wait until TikTok has update for android voice effect for Wulan Sound Effect. If TikTok release update for Android users, it can make amount of users using this Viral Voice Effect

How to use Wulan Filter Voice Effect in TikTok?

  • Open your TikTok App.
  • Click icon Plus (+) to start recording video.
  • Start record a video and say anything you want for the content.
  • Once you finish record the video, try to click "Audio Editing" on the right side menu.
  • There are multiple Sound Effect Filter, you can find Wulan Filter.
  • Wait until TikTok processing your video
  • When the process is done, your voice in the video will become a Female Voice.

If you are cannot find any Wulan Filter, you can try to update your iOS, or try to update TikTok app, so you can make a content with a viral Filter on TikTok for now. This tutorial quite easy because you do not need to install any other apps, just by using TikTok you have chance to be FYP with using Viral Sound Effect.

That is the tutorial how to use Wulan Voice in TikTok, hope you got some help from this tutorial.

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