How to Translate Blogger in 2023

Blogger Translate is a free tool for translating blog posts and pages into any language. It uses the same technology as Google Translate and is powered by Google Translate. Blogger Translate, which can be found in the Blogger dashboard, allows users to translate their blog posts into any of the available languages. As new content is added to the blog, the translations are automatically updated.

What is Google Translate?

Google Translate is a translation service provided by Google. It is a machine translation tool and it uses a large number of sources, including human translators. 

Google Translate provides a number of website interfaces, an Android and iOS mobile app, and an application programming interface (API) through which developers can create software, Android apps, iOS apps, and browser extensions. Google Translate currently supports 109 languages throughout the world.

Why Translating Blogger Into Another Languages?

If you targeting multilingual website, you will need Translating your blog into another languages, because you blog visitor not only in your based country, it can be anywhere in a worldwide, visitors also does not really understand your based languages, so with this obstacles you need some Translator, with Blogger Google Translate you can transform you website languages into another languages in a single click.

How to Use Blogger Translate?

  • Open Blogger Website
  • Login into your Blogger Account
  • Select Theme/Template Menu on the left sidebar
  • Backup your currently blog template in case anything will happen in the next after you install Google Translate.
  • Select Layout Menu on the left sidebar
  • Click Add a Gadget or Widget at the section where you want to Google Translate installed.
  • Pop up list of Gadget will appear, select "Translate" Gadget
  • Second pop up will shows up, Create a name of your Gadget
  • Choose "Translation" Style either Vertical, Horizontal, or Dropdown Only
  • Click View Blog on the sidebar to view changes of your installed Gadget.

You are successfully installed Blogger Translate Widget in you website, now you do not need to translate manually your website into each languages around the world

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