How to Reset Blogger Template to Blank Template

Blogger Template is a vital process of creating a blog website, because templates are the way users navigating or using our website to gain information about anything inside our blog. Default Blogger Template has many cache, widget or settings on its default template.

If you want to move from basic template to another template, and you want to the template is 100% installed correctly, so you have to use Blank Blogger Template first. 

Why we have to change to Blank Template?

Blogger has many settings inside the HTML code, such as widget, meta, code references, and other settings. We have to backup the old template and clear currently used template before using new template we want.

Very often blog become messy or broken after we changing our template. So, to prevent that kind of unwanted issues for installing a new Blog Template, we need to reset blog tempalte first until the blog is really ready for a new template. We have to make sure to use Blank Template on our Blog.

How to change Blogger Template into Blank Template?

  • Login to your Google Account and open Blogger
  • Open your blog that we want to change the template
  • Click on Theme Menu or Template Menu

  • Make sure backup old template, so we do not need to worry if anything happen after we install the new template
  • After make sure you have a backup, Next click on Edit HTML button on a dropdown.

  • New page full of code will appear. We have to block all of the code with CTRL+A and then delete all the current code until its left an empty box.



  • Now Copy block of code below and PASTE it on the HTML section.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html b:css='false' b:js='false' b:defaultwidgetversion='2' b:layoutsVersion='3'>
<b:attr name='xmlns' value=''/>
<b:attr name='xmlns:b' value=''/>
<b:attr name='xmlns:expr' value=''/>
<b:attr name='xmlns:data' value=''/>
<b:section id='1'/>


  • And then click Save / Publish template
  • To make sure Blank Template is successfully installed, open your blog and it will shows a blank website
  • Viola! you successfully reset you blog! and you ready to install a new template you want.

After you doing the several tutorial above, you do not need to worry about issues after installing your template, because it secure from an old template cache, settings, and etc.

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