How to Know What is My IP Address - Many projects, applications, or programs are need our IP Address to access certain things that required to project it self. We as a users does not know what our current Public IP that connected to the internet. So here we are going to learn what is IP, and What is my IP Address.

What is IP Address?

IP Address is numerical label assigned to each device that connected to a network. IP Address serves two main function, host or network interface identification and location addressing. Other main function of the IP Address is a for domain, Domain IP Address is a subnet of the IP Address that has been assigned to a specific organization or entity. Organization or entity is typically responsible for managing the IP Addresses within the domain and for allocation them to the devices within its network.

There are two types of IP Address. Local IP and Public IP. Public IP is an IP Address that is assigned to a device by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and it used to connect to the internet. A public IP is unique, and it can be used to identify a specific device on the internet. In contrast, a Local IP address is an IP Address that is assigned to a device by local network router and is only used within the local network. A Local IP is not unique, and it cannot be used to identify a specific device on the internet.

Functions of IP Address?

There are several functions of Public IP Address :

  1. It allows a devices to connect to the internet and communicate with other devices on the internet.
  2. It allows other devices on the internet to initiate communication with our device.
  3. It allows Internet Service Provider (ISP) to route traffic to and from the device.
  4. It allows websites and other online services to identify and track the device.
  5. It allows governments and law enforcement agencies to monitor and regulate internet traffic.

To know your IP Address is quite simple, just need to follow a few steps below, you can get your IP Address and your IP organization information.

Many websites that can be use to get our Public IP, one of them is Snapshorts

Snapshorts its web app that can be used to get information of our Public IP, main Snapshorts functionality is for download Youtube Shorts videos, but it has features to Locate our Public IP and it informations.

How to Know What is My IP Address?

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Go to Snapshorts web app.
  3. Navigate to IP Check menu.
  4. The web app will show your current Public IP automatically.
  5. Then you just need to hit CHECK button to get details information about your current Public IP including organization name, country, etc.

That is the simplest guide to know your current Public IP Address. If your are feel getting help with our tutorial do not forget to share to your social network.

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