How to Catch LeChonk and Evolve to Oinkologne - Lechonk (Japanese: グルトン Gourton) is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IX. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Lechonk can be found at the South Area of Paldea Region. You easy to find Lechonk at very early game.

Lechonk is Normal-type Pokemon listed at the #10 Pokedex. After players start the first battle with Nemona, you can catch another Lechonk after this battle.

What is Lechonk Evolve?

Lechonk has two different evolution each gender. Both has the same name Oinkologne. Oinkologne at the #11 Pokedex, right after Lechonk pokedex number. Once your Lechonk has level 18, it can evolve to Oinkologne. Lechonk will be evolve automatically right after this pokemon reach level 18.

Oinkologne is also Normal-type pokemon. Male and Female Oinkologne has different shape and color. The major differences is on their colors, ears, and it's tail

Female Oinkologne

Male Oinkologne

Lechonk is good for early game to beat several Pokemon, because he has quite good basic attack on the very early game. 

Basic Status of Lechonk.

  • HP : 54
  • Attack : 45
  • Defense : 40
  • Sp. Atk : 35
  • Sp. Def : 45
  • Speed : 35

For more details, you can watch process How to Evolve Lechonk on the video below

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